Agency work

Written by shiro9m8te

I spent 15 years working for the 3rd largest advertising agency in Japan, Asatsu DK. My main client during that time was Mitsubishi Jidousha (Mitsubishi Motors). I had a range of responsibilities that grew over the years. This included overseeing the design of a variety of printed dealership materials used throughout the Oceanic region. This grew to include web site development in the later years. I created many illustrations for those materials, and was involved in photoshoots across Japan.

paris_dakar_dealer_promo_materials_004 paris_dakar_dealer_promo_materials_002 paris_dakar_dealer_promo_materials_003

Much of the work we were doing was creating advertising materials for Mitsubishi dealers that could be used in a variety of languages.

paris_dakar_dealer_promo_materials header_content_dealer_day2 header_top_motorsports_04

2005_grandis_ad_manual_001 p20_seat_arrange_1

Towards the end of my career with Asatsu and Mitsubishi I became involved with their web efforts. This was in the early days of the web when most layouts were done in plain html by hand, or via Flash.

mmc_webguide_intro_1 adv_materials_website

I also created a great many illustrations for Mitsubishi during these years, being nearly the only designer available that could illustrate with computers.
suzuki_dim_02 suzuki_sx4 l200_gcc_dble_cab_glx_dim