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Written by shiro9m8te

I’ve been working with D1 Creative (Formerly ACS) since October of 2015.
My career there began as a Visual Designer helping out during the Q4 holiday season, and quickly transitioned into my current position as a Lead Production Designer.
As such my day-to-day tasks mainly consist of managing our work flow, QA check of graphics and providing direction to our visual designers, and taking care of business critical design requests. Most of our work is done in Photoshop, inDesign, and Illustrator.

Even with my limited role in production art, I’ve taken care of a large amount of graphics throughout the site in US, CA, and MX, up to and including Gateway graphics and landing pages.

The Harry Potter store that recently debuted on

harry_potter_store harry_potter_store_002

1013086_us_music_sinatra_review_v2 1012527_music_gaga_review_v3 1009507_music_rollingstones_review_v2


33503_dvd_4kdvd_1200x360_slideshow 33503_dvd_4kdvd_review_v2


31897_dvd_goldenglobe_review_v2 31457_music_davidbowie_review_v3

revenant sons_of_anarchy_001 doom_sample

labyrinth_001 mothers_day_001 gow_001

dvd_war_and_peace doooom_flyout  fathersday

dvd_fathersday_gno_ca dvd_fathersday_slideshow_ca gow_ca_flyout


33219_vgi_fallout4_review  32987_pc_pcp_review_v2 32959_dvd_spectre_1200x360_slideshow 32771_vgi_doom_review  32601_camera_1dx_review 32553_books_bofeb_review_v4  32492_vgi_republique_review_v2  32326_camera_pcp_review 32131_hgi_dyson_dotd_review 32066_vgi_sonbc_review_v2  31768_ce_moto_broadway_v2_1800x360

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